CUT Series CUT 40

Parameter CUT 40 MOSFET 1 PHASE
Input Voltage (V) AC230V±15%
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Rated Input Current (A) 30
No load Voltage 253
Output Voltage Adjustment (V) 15-40
Rated output voltage 96
Duty Cycle (%)) 60
Input power capacity (KVA) 6.6
Arc Ignition contact
Efficiency 80
Power factor 0.73
Insulation Class F
Shell Protection Class IP21
Air pressure 4-5
Cutting Thickness 0.3-16
Overall Dimension (inch) 15.5x6x12
Weight (KG) 9

Product Description

Adopt advanced MOSFET inverter technology, using non-crystal core and power units. Reliable, portable, light and high efficiency.

  • Cutting Torch
  • Earth Clamp with Cable
  • Air Filter
  • Hose
  • Hose Clamp

Guidlines based materials

Base Material Plate Thickness (mm) Welding rod/Carbon rod (dia) Current Range (A) Applicable Model
All Types of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Low-alloy Steel

2.0 -20.0

1.6 - 5.0

20 - 400


Product Features

  • Optimized Layout Structure Design with High Inverter Frequency & High Duty Cycle; Substantial Energy Consumption Savings.
  • Smaller, Lighter and Easy to Carry on; Especially Adaptable to the Welding Application in the Field Operation.
  • It is featured with high-ignition rate, high arc voltage, energy concentration, strong cutting ability, quick cutting speed, slim cutting line with smooth cut surface and tiny deviation in shape; stable voltage in big cutting current; especially adaptable in cutting the thickness plate, its cutting speed is much quick.
  • Digital Display; Cutting Current can be continuously adjusted with clear and accurate reading
  • Superior performance..
  • Adaptable to the welding application on the metal of carbon steels, stainless steels, alloy steels, aluminium, copper and so on