TIG Series TIG 400 igbt

Parameter TIG 400 igbt
Power Voltage (V) AC230V±15%
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Rated input power capacity (KVA) 9.5/6.5
Rated input Current (A) 14.4/9.6
No-load Voltage (V) 60V
Current adjust range (A) 0-100
Rated output Current (A) 7-250
Duty Cycle (%)) 60
No-load Power (W) 60W
Efficiency (%) 85
Power Factor 0.93
Insulation Class F
Shell Protection Class IP21
Overall Dimension (inch) 20x8x15
Weight (KG) 19
Welding rod diameter 1.6 - 3.2
Welding plate thickness 2.0-6.0

Product Description

Adopt advanced MOSFET inverter technology, using non-crystal core and power units. Reliable, portable, light and high efficiency.

  • TIG Torch
  • Earth Clamp with Cable
  • ARC Holder with Cable

Guidlines based materials

Base Material Plate Thickness (mm) Welding rod/Carbon rod (dia) Current Range (A) Applicable Model
All Types of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Low-alloy Steel

2.0 -20.0

1.6 - 5.0

20 - 400


Product Features

  • Designed in the advanced inverter technology with high working frequency; small, light and very convenient to carry on.
  • High-Frequency Increased-Voltage & Pulse Hot Arc Ignition Design; Excellent Ignition Performance With Sufficient Welding Current.
  • Well organized structure, built through excellent manufacturing processes, reliable, durable and easy to maintain.
  • Adaptable to the welding application on the stainless steels, carbon steels and coppers etc.
  • Over Voltage & Over Current Auto-Protection Functions.
  • With advanced Single IGBT technology.